Sujir Borpi

  By Saima

August 30, 2018

Its a very delicious & sweet dish. Its easy to cook in a short time. Its also a healthy food.

  • রান্নার সময় : 1 hr 5 mins
  • খেতে পারবে: 4


1. One Cup of Semolina

2. One Egg

3. Sugar to test

4. Milk Half cup

5. Butter

6. Some of Almond

7. Some of Raisin

8. Oil For Fry

9. Two Cardamom

10. One Bay Leaf

প্রস্তুত প্রণালী

1Step-1. At first semolina need to fry lightly, then blend with semolina, egg, sugar, milk, together.

2Step-2. Need to take a pan give a bay leaf, two cardamom with a spill oil, after then need to mix the mixture in this pan & then cook it for 15-20 minutes. Its done here.

3Step-3. Take the dish of a little butter in a pellet, let keep it in a cool place for set. Then cut it down as you want. Now its ready to serve.

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3 Reviews

Mifta Falah

September 6, 2018

Its a vert delicious dish.

Sadia Binte Obayed

September 6, 2018

Nice dish..


September 6, 2018


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